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In the Department 85 students are admitted each year after entry examinations. Also, Cypriots expatriates and foreign students are admitted (after exams). In addition, in the Department are admitted: a) transfer students for various reasons and b) graduates of other departments, at the rate of 2%, depending on the number of the normally admitted and after qualifying examinations in three courses.

Description of the graduate

After completing his/her studies, the graduate of the Department:

  •  Will have the necessary knowledge in the science of marketing and will be able to understand events that relate, directly or indirectly, to the function of marketing within and outside a company as well as to analyze, to synthesize and evaluate them using this knowledge.
  • Will be able to plan, organize, monitor and coordinate projects and marketing activities that will address, in an efficient manner, similar problems of the company and implement its goals.
  • Will endorse the need to conduct the science of marketing within the limits set by society and international and national law and will adopt methods and operating practices that will comply with the requirements of corporate social responsibility.
Sunday, 9 August 2020