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Welcome Message from the Department Head

Welcome to the updated website of the Marketing Department at TEI of Athens.

Our website intends to fulfill a continuous need to inform high school graduates, students and graduates as well as everybody interested in the studies that our Department provides within the framework of higher Education.

Given the public character of our institution we seek to function effectively as possible, since the Marketing sector is the most dynamic in the field of Business Administration and at the same time, it is the most demanding. The competition with other educational institutions urges us to become continuously better, making our graduates easily employable mostly by the private and secondary by the public sector.

Our website provides –among else- a brief history and a description of the Department and its purpose; it also provides a description of its structure and a reference to our faculty and to European funded programs that our department participates. A description of studies along with a description of the courses, professional rights and the employment perspectives of our graduates is also provided. Last but not least, some useful information in respect to other activities, student support and communication with our department are provided.

It is our belief that through a constant updating of our website we will contribute to a complete informing of all the interested parties as well as to the projection of our department to the educational and entrepreneurial sector. We bind ourselves to continue our contribution to the science of Marketing, by providing our graduates with knowledge and skills demanded from the labor market and the society in general.

The Department Head

 A. Kavoura

Sunday, 29 March 2020