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Dr. Klimis Ntalianis received his engineering diploma degree and Phd
both from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the
National Technical University of Athens in 1998 and 2003 respectively.
After completing his military duty, from February 2004 till end of
2009 Dr. Ntalianis has held the position of Senior Researcher and
Projects Coordinator at the Image, Video and Multimedia Laboratory of
the National Technical University of Athens. While from February 2005
till August 2010 he has worked as an adjunct lecturer (P.D. 407/80) at
the University of Peloponnese (Department of Computer Science and
Technology and Department of Telecommunication Sciences and
Technology) . From 1998 till today Dr. Ntalianis has participated in
writing, submitting or implementing more than 20 research and
development proposals in different frameworks funded by GSRT, RPF,
Infosoc and EU. Regarding his writing activities, Dr. Ntalianis has
written 2 Post-doc theses (2006), 1 PhD thesis (2002), 1 diploma
thesis (1998) and more than 100 research papers in international journals and
conferences (1999 -). From October 2014 Dr. Ntalianis is an Associate
Professor at the Department of Marketing of the Athens University of Applied Sciences.

Monday, 16 September 2019