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Αρχική Studies Program Specialty Courses


Consumer Behaviour (3rd)

Electronic Commerce (5th)

Principles of Advertising (3rd)

Advertising Applications with Computers (6th)

Marketing Research (4th)

Special Topics in Marketing Law (6th)

English Terminology in Marketing (4th)

Applied Marketing Research (6th)

Public Relations (4th)

Marketing Management I (6th)

Media Planning (4th)

International Marketing (6th)

Services Marketing (4th)

Marketing Information Systems (7th)

Political Communication (4th)

Senior Students’ Seminar (7th)

Advertising Campaign Design and Management (5th)

Sales Management (7th)

Sales Techniques (5th)

Marketing Management II (7th)

Industrial Marketing (5th)

Feasibility Studies (7th)

Bank Marketing (5th)

Specialized English Terminology in Marketing (7th)

Saturday, 6 June 2020